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Super One TKM Series Round 6: Buckmore Park 10th October 2010

Four new champions were confirmed at the last round of the Super One TKM series, held at the twisty Kent circuit with excellent facilities for all.  David Eadon in TKM Extreme and Billy Monger in Honda Cadet had actually confirmed their places at the previous round, but both raced on.  Sidelined in the last final, Eadon – who has now won the title for the second year running - completed his season on the breakdown truck, but Monger was in the thick of the lead battles both times.   TKM 4-stroker Adam Nichols was another consecutive title winner after two second places at Buckmore Park.  The un-seeded James Peace nearly threw away his title hopes when pressed into a spin at the start of the first final, but a valiant recovery gave him enough points to top the table.  Many congratulations to all these Association of British Kart Club national champions and to their chassis manufacturers – a Project One, a TKM, a Jade and a Tonykart. Full provisional standings on www.s1series.co.uk

Rain visited the track several times over the weekend, most noticeably during the first finals when it fell in torrents.  Although it stopped for the second finals, the track never had time to dry up so it was wet weather tyres all through.  The Honda Cadets put on two virtuoso displays, whilst one driver dominated the conditions in TKM 4-stroke.  First-rate fights resolved into clear winners in both of the 2-stroke classes.

Honda Cadet

Luke Knott was chased hard by Billy Monger in the first final, with Dave Wooder rapidly closing the gap having leapfrogged Jack Evans.  Wooder caught the first two but contact with Monger pushed him wide and back a few places, for which Monger was later penalised three places.  Monger quickly sliced past Wooder to take first but of course Wooder was awarded the win with Knott recovering to what became second, Robbie Gallier and Cameron Clarke artificially split by Monger.

Knott, Wooder, Gallier and Monger broke away at the front with Gallier roaring up the hill into second, Knott already slightly clear.  But Monger leapfrogged both, and sneaked into the lead round the hairpins only for Knott to retrieve it a moment later.  Monger nipped back ahead, Wooder soon following and then relieving Monger of first with Knott following.  Knott and Wooder jostled up the hill to the finish, karts abreast, forcing Wooder over the grass but still taking the win by two hundredths of a second, Monger third.

Results: Honda Cadet

Final One: 1 Luke Knott (Project One); 2 Dave Wooder (Project One); 3 Robbie Gallier (Project One); 4 Billy Monger (Project One); 5 Cameron Clarke (Project One); 6 Jack Evans (Project One). 

Final Two: 1 Wooder; 2 Knott; 3 Monger; 4 Evans; 5 Gallier; 6 Harvey Meek (Project One). 

TKM 4-stroke

Luke Graver converted pole position into a lead that only lasted a couple of corners as Adam Nichols sneaked ahead with better drive out of the second hairpin.  But Michael West soon established himself in the lead, going on to pulling out an amazing ten seconds on the rest.  Graver and Joel Saunders traded third, but the former was on a backward slide, leaving Saunders to close on Nichol’s rear bumper

In the second final, West pursued Nichols for a few laps before making a move stick and going onto yet another ten second victory.  Nichols, under no pressure, cruised to second and the title whilst Graver had his kart more tuned to the conditions and squeezed Miles Murphy back after an excellent start.

Results: Senior TKM 4-Stroke

Final One: 1 Michael West (Tal-ko); 2 Adam Nichols (Tal-ko); 3 Joel Saunders (Arrow); 4 Chris Needham (JKH); 5 Michael Rich (Arrow); 6 Miles Murphy (Tal-ko).

Final Two: 1 West; 2 Nichols; 3 Luke Graver (Arrow)); 4 Murphy; 5 Emyr Honeybun (Intrepid); 6 Rich. 

Junior TKM

Will van Es swept round a wide outside line for a lights to flag victory in the first final.  Title contenders James Raven and James Peace were on the second row, but whilst Raven powered out of the second hairpin ahead of Daniel Burton, Peace was pushed into a spin, restarting last.  He stormed back to twelfth to keep his hopes alive whilst Raven lost second to Ash Robinson with Burton in close attendance.  Billy Baxter ran wide and retired with a waterlogged engine, leaving Danny Keirle in fifth. 

It was Raven’s turn to hit trouble in the second final, as he was spat out to clout the tyre barriers at the start.  This resulted in a loose rear bumper and an enforced pit stop so Peace was safe with the championship honours in sixth place.  Van Es came out ahead again with Burton, Robinson and Ryan Green strung out behind. 

Results: Junior TKM

Final One: 1 Will Van Es (Zanardi); 2 Ash Robinson (Jade); 3 James Raven (Tonykart); 4 Daniel Burton (Tonykart); 5 Danny Keirle (Jade); 6 Oliver Basey-Fisher (Tonykart). 

Final Two: 1Van Es; 2 Burton; 3 Robinson; 4 Ryan Green (Tonykart); 5 Stephen Mottram (Tonykart); 6 James Peace (Jade).

TKM Extreme

Ryan Cole led the pack around from Charlie Bruce-White and Lloyd Ellison at the start of the first final, but Bruce-White soon moved ahead.  James Bartlett had been up near the front but became rather bogged down in the water-logged exit from the first hairpin.  Joe Forsdyke nipped past Ellison at the first hairpin for third and moved up to join the lead battle where Cole had been pressing hard on Bruce-White for many laps.  Finally a way past was discovered, with Forsdyke following to hassle Cole all the way to the flag, as Bruce-White fell back into the clutches of a speedy Joe Porter. 

The sun peeped through the clearing clouds for the second final, where Forsdyke took command, Cole battling with Porter, Randall Lynn and Will Redman for second until slumping to fifth.  New champion David Eadon spun at the start and was unable to restart, whilst Charlie Bruce-White, in sixth, is a provisional runner-up in the points.  Porter cleared the battle for a safe second, whilst Redman pipped Lynn towards the end.

Results: TKM Extreme

Final One: 1 Ryan Cole (JKH); 2 Joe Forsdyke (Tal-ko); 3 Joe Porter (Tonykart); 4 Charlie Bruce-White (Tonykart); 5 Will Redman (Tonykart); 6 James Bartlett (Tonykart). 

Final Two: 1 Forsdyke; 2 Porter; 3Redman; 4 Randal Lynn (Alonso); 5 Cole; 6 Bruce-White.