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Super One TKM Series Round 5: Clay Pigeon, Dorset 22nd August

So bad was the weather on Saturday that all racing was put off until Sunday, with an earlier than planned start.  Clerk of the Course Phil Cox thanks everyone for their co-operation during the bad weather on Saturday, and for pulling together so well on Sunday to get through the entire race programme.  The club had also arranged for a guest Honda Cadet class, which was well supported.  Billy Monger in Honda Cadet and David Eadon in TKM Extreme now probably have unassailable positions in the championship title race. 

The last round will be held at Buckmore Park, on 2- 3 October.

Honda Cadet

Billy Monger took full advantage of his pole position to storm off in the lead of the first final, whilst Dave Wooder worked his way up from a fourth spot to be the best of the rest.  Luke Knott wasnít able to hold on to his front row start position and slipped back to fifth.  Robbie Gallier slipped into second at the start, but failed to hold off Wooder and later had an exchange of third with Harvey Meek.  The latter stormed up from grid ten to eventually finish fourth.  In the second final, Wooder snatched the advantage at the start, Monger falling to fourth but soon back to track Wooder throughout the race.  Meek failed to hold onto second, with both Monger and Jack Evans deposing him, then he plunged down to near the back, eventually scoring a ninth.  That left Evans running most of the race in third, until he became embroiled in a battle with Gallier and Knott towards the end.  But Gallier was penalised seven seconds, dropping him from third to tenth and later Yukinori Ishi was excluded from the meeting after his father allegedly physically assaulted another driver.   Wooder then left enough of a gap on the penultimate corner for Monger to slip by to win, thus sealing Mongerís 2010 title. 

Final One: 1 Billy Monger (Project One); 2 Dave Wooder (Project One);  3 Robbie Gallier (Project One): 4 Harvey Meek (Project One); 5 Luke Knott (Project One); 6 Jack Evans (Project One).

Final Two: 1 Monger;  2 Wooder; 3 Evans; 4 Knott;  5 Jack McCarthy (Project One); 6 Ben Thomson (Project One)  

Standings: 1 Billy Monger 1233; 2 Dave Wooder 1190; 3 Luke Knott 1173; 4 Robbie Gallier 1156; 5 Jack Evans 1133.

TKM Senior 4-stroke

Although Joel Saunders outwitted front row men Scott Mitchell and Adam Nichols on the first lap of the first final, his lead was short-lived as Emyr Honeybun stormed to the front and remained here despite being hard pressed by Mile Murphy.  Luke Graver was a somewhat distant third, with Michael West holding off the next group.   Graver took advantage of his inside third spot to slip into the lead of the second final, initially holding off Honeybun.  Nichols had clearly improved his setup after the first final, as he picked off West, Honeybun and by lap seven, the leader Graver to pull out a useful cushion.  Graver drifted back to fifth, as West came back up to second displacing Honeybun, with fastest lap as well. 

Final One: 1 Emyr Honeybun (Intrepid); 2 Miles Murphy (TKM); 3 Luke Graver (Arrow); 4 Michael West (TKM); 5 Adam Nichols (TKM); 6 Chris Needham (JKH).

Final Two: 1 Nichols; 2 West; 3 Honeybun; 4 Murphy; 5 Graver; 6 Needham

Standings: 1 Adam Nichols 1194; 2 Luke Graver 1149; 3 Michael West 1121; 4 Michael Rich 1113; 5 Joel Saunders 1048.

Junior TKM

An on-form James Raven dominated both finals in the trick conditions.  In the first wet final he stormed off to a six second win whilst Ash Robinson didnít even get started and a mid grid James Peace fell off in an incident involving Matt Davies.  Daniel Burton, Stephen Letts and Will van Es all took turns in second, but van Es established himself ahead of Letts for the duration whilst Burton fell to the back.  Luke Cooper and Davies stormed through from mid grid starts to fourth and sixth, sandwiching front row man Lee Harrison who had endured too bad laps at the start.  At the start of the second final, Raven was squeezed wide, putting two wheels on the grass but managing to hold onto second behind van Es.  Cooper charged past both to lead, before plummeting to the back leaving Raven to take up the front running position on the now drying track.  This time three seconds was his advantage over van Es.  Sophie Lanc was another who had spun to the back.  Letts and a recovered Burton were running third and fourth, but tangled badly just before the finish line, Burton crashing heavily into the barriers whilst Letts survived only to be excluded from the meeting for taking his kart out of parc ferme without permission.   Both had earlier received reprimands.  All of this promoted Ash Robinson to third, he had of course started last.  Peaceís recovery to sixth kept him in the championship lead, but under pressure from Raven and van Es.

Final One: 1 James Raven (Tonykart); 2 Will van Es (Zanardi); 3 Stephen Letts (Intrepid); 4 Luke Cooper (Jade); 5 Lee Harrison (Tonykart); 6 Matt Davies (Jade).

Final Two: 1 Raven; 2 van Es; 2 Ash Robinson; 4 Robert Shield (Intrepid); 5 Stephen Mottram (Tonykart); 6 James Peace (Jade).

Standings: 1 James Peace 1141; 2 James Raven 1102; 3 Will van Es 1046; 4 Ash Robinson 1041; 5 Luke Cooper 1033.

TKM Extreme

Guest driver Ashley Jones in his first senior Super One event swept round the outside of polesitter Joshua Waring to grab the lead in the first wet final but soon found his new wets were not up to maintaining the position.  Scott Chaney was first to pass, and he went on to win over Waring, with Jones holding third.  In the second final, there was quite a dry racing line but everyone had mounted wet weather tyres, and this time Waring was quick to take the lead from Chaney and Jones.  Chaneyís tyres suffered first, and he fell all the way back to 14th, then mid-race Jonesí kart also gripped up and he succumbed to Phil Smith, who had charged up from grid eleven.  Next to figure on the drying track was Jason Moore, who had a dreadful first final finishing second last.  He tore through to take second, still some six seconds behind the dominant Waring, while Jones had to be content with ninth.  Earlier in the day, the strong championship contender Joe Porter was first docked 25 seconds for a heat incident, then excluded from the meeting when his father remonstrated too strongly with the Clerk of the Course, and that has left Eadon with a probably unassailable title position. 

Final One: 1 Scott Chaney (Alonso); 2 Joshua Waring (ARC); 3 Ashley Jones (Jade); 4 Lloyd Ellison (Tonykart); 5 Randal Lynn (Alonso); 6 Joe Forsdyke (TKM).

Final Two: 1 Waring; 2 Jason Moore (Tonykart); 3 Phil Smith (Tonykart); 4 Ryan Cole (JKH); 5 Anthony Lester (Tonykart); 6 Charlie Bruce-White (Tonykart).

Standings: 1 David Eadon 1141: 2 Charlie Bruce-White 1086; 3 Joe Forsdyke 1053; 4 Ryan Cole 1043; 5 Phil Smith 1038.


 Pictures by kartpix.net or TSR Productions