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Super One TKM Series Round 4: Larkhall 3- 4 July

Storms and showers swept across Scotland for the fourth event of the series.  Drivers had their skills tested to the ultimate when many were caught out on the track with slicks in the rain.  Except in the Honda Cadet class, the championship standings had quite a shake up, with Adam Nichols taking over at the top of the Senior 4-stroke table. 

For the fifth round the series moves to the West Country, on 21-22 August, at Clay Pigeon.

Honda Cadet

Dave Wooder, Jack Evans and Billy Monger took the honours in the heats, whilst Dino Lee had a penalty for missing part of the track.  Monger it was who took pole for the first final, but he was soon embroiled in a battle with Robbie Gallier, the latter establishing supremacy by mid-distance although only winning by a tenth of a second.  Evans and Luke Knott scrapped over third, falling back as Jack McCarthy came up to pass both.  Harvey Meek lost many places in the early stages, but fought back to take third on the last lap.  As Gallier briefly fell off at the start, Jack Evans settled into the lead tracked by Monger with Knott third.  The front pair drafted each other some six second clear of the rest, Monger choosing his moment with care to grab the win over Evans.  Amazingly Gallier had worked his way back to fourth, before snatching third from Knott with a couple of laps remaining, the latter falling to eleventh.  Then in the last twist, McCarthy snatched the remaining podium position on the last lap, Gallier having to be content with fourth.

Final One: 1 Robbie Gallier; 2 Billy Monger; 3 Harvey Meek; 4 Jack McCarthy; 5 Luke Knott; 6 Kyle Petricca.

Final Two: 1 Monger;  2 Jack Evans; 3 McCarthy;  4 Robbie Gallier; 5 Meek; 6 Dino Lee.

Standings: 1 Billy Monger 983; 2 Dave Wooder 950; 3 Luke Knott 936; 4 Robbie Gallier 928; 5 Jack Evans 910.

TKM Senior 4-stroke

Adam Nichols was again on top form, despite the tricky conditions, although not winning any heats.   Luke Graver won the first heat whilst Michael West lost his place by not having his transponder fitted, although he went onto win the third.  Michael Rich took honours in the second heat.  Nichols tracked Graver in the first final until on lap eight he took up the lead, whilst Joel Saunders nipped into second on the last lap but one.  West made it up to sixth from the back.  Nichols enjoyed a lights to flag victory in the second final, whilst Saunders retired from second after a few laps, his place taken by Graver.  The latter held onto second despite a brief exchange with Emyr Honeybun near the end.  Honeybun fell back to fifth in favour of West and Rich.    

Final One: 1 Adam Nichols; 2 Joel Saunders; 3 Luke Graver; 4 Emyr Honeybun; 5 Michael Rich; 6 Michael West

Final Two: 1 Nichols; 2 Graver; 3 West; 4 Rich;  5 Honeybun; 6 William Thomas

Standings: 1 Adam Nichols 954; 2 Luke Graver 940; 3 Michael West 925; 4 Michael Rich 914; 5 William Thomas 875.

Junior TKM

Jade drivers James Peace and Danny Keirle shared the honours in the two finals, but the weekend got off to a bad start for Will van Es and Jack Partridge who were underweight in the first heat, and excluded from first and second.  The race had been red-flagged after a start line incident and had a few extra laps.  That left Ash Robinson with the win there, whilst James Raven and Peace took the other two heats.  Although it was dry on the grid, it soon started spitting rain for the first final, then really started to rain.  Sophie Lanc, on the newly released TKM chassis, was first to shine, with polesitter Peace soon recovering second to track the young lady racer, taking over the lead at half distance.  When the downpour commenced, Peace came into his own with a totally dominant display, pulling out over 13 seconds on Rory Pringle, who had also nipped past Lanc.  Keirle made progress to reach sixth.  In the second final, Lanc was again quick to take the lead in what was now a dry race.  A queue of karts built up behind as she defended her lines, and eventually Peace broke the dam and Lanc plunged to sixth.  A good dice ensued between Pringle and Peace, as they traded the lead, but all the time Keirle was picking off the karts behind, and with five laps to run he executed a perfect pass on Peace at the top of the back straight, eking out a cushion by the flag.  Peace had been hampered slightly in refitting a loose fuel cap.  Pringle held onto third, whilst Luke Cooper, who had lost a lot of time in the first final, stormed past some fifteen karts to fourth, with van Es following.  Surprisingly it was Keirle’s first Super One trophy but Peace is still dominant in the points standings.

Final One: 1 James Peace; 2 Rory Pringle; 3 Sophie Lanc; 4 James Raven; 5 Stephen Letts; 6 Danny Keirle.

Final Two: 1 Keirle; 2 Peace; 2 Pringle; 4 Luke Cooper; 5 Will van Es; 6 Letts.

Standings: 1 James Peace 954; 2 James Raven 852; 3 Luke Cooper 851; 4 Ash Robinson 831; 5 Rory Pringle 825.

TKM Extreme

Joe Forsdyke, Ryan Cole and David Eadon were the heat winners, with Forsdyke’s other result earning him pole for the first final.  He led briefly before plummeting to eighth, as Eadon took up the running at the front, with Randall Lynn and then Michael Newell following.  But Forsdyke was fighting back, and on lap thirteen he re-took the lead and held on until the chequer.  Charlie Bruce-White, who had failed to finish one of his heats, charged up to third place whilst Ryan Cole had a very bad start from the outside front row recovered to fourth.  Forsdyke and Cole were enjoying the use of the new model TKM kart.  Out on slicks for the second final, the drizzle started almost immediately causing Forsdyke to slither off the track from pole.  Bruce-White went well out ahead with Lynn following until he too retired.  Cole was revelling in the conditions, up to second and chipping away at Bruce-White’s lead until he caught him going into the last lap on what was now a fully dry track.  Bruce-White kept a tight defensive line into the last corner, whilst Cole tried the switch-back, and almost took the win in what was the closest ever finish recorded, a mere two thousandth of a second separating the pair.  Despite having dropped to nearly last, Forsdyke hammered through the pack to claim fourth, behind Phil Smith.

Final One: 1 Joe Forsdyke; 2 David Eadon; 3 Charlie Bruce-White; 4 Ryan Cole; 5 Randal Lynn; 6 Miles Wrightman

Final Two: 1 Bruce-White; 2 Cole; 3 Phil Smith; 4 Forsdyke; 5 Eadon; 6 Joe Porter.

Standings: 1 David Eadon 942: 2 Joe Porter 878: 3 Charlie Bruce-White 866; 4 Joe Forsdyke 845; 5 Ryan Cole 844.

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