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Super One TKM Series Round 2: Rowrah 16 May

Once the early morning dampness had cleared the rest of Sunday stayed dry for the remaining heats and finals, with some excellent racing on view at the Lakeland track.  Clerk of the Course Phil Cox was even moved to state: “There were some cracking races, and good driving with very few in my office for penalties, a very welcome change.”  Dave Wooder’s mistake lost him a potential second win in Honda Cadet, Jack Evans taking the honours there.  Michael West out-witted his rivals in both Senior 4-stroke finals, whilst in the Junior 2-stroke category Daniel Burton did a similarly fine job.  Defending champion David Eadon fought back to the front in both Senior Extreme finals to hold on for both wins

Honda Cadet

Dave Wooder fell to third at the start, but soon leapfrogged Billy Monger and Jack Evans to then hold the lead for the remainder of the 17 lap race.  Evans clung onto his bumper as they left Monger behind whilst the next group, headed up by Luke Knott, were some ten seconds down the road.  Wooder had Evans on his tail again in the second final, the latter finally finding a way through.  When Wooder tried to retrieve the lead, his move went all wrong and he fell back to tenth, leaving Evans unchallenged for the win.  Dino Lee and Monger took their chance to leapfrog Monger at the end. 

Final One: 1 Dave Wooder; 2 Jack Evans; 3 Billy Monger; 4 Luke Knott; 5 Dino Lee

Final Two: 1 Jack Evans; 2 Dino Lee; 3 Luke Knott; 4 Billy Monger; 5 Robbie Gallier

Standings: 1 Billy Monger 490; 2 Dave Wood 487; 3 Luke Knott 475; 4 Jack Evans 458; 5 Robbie Gallier 458

TKM Senior 4-stroke

In a four kart battle, Luke Graver held the lead for much of the race until demoted down to fourth by Michael West, who went on to the win over Adam Nichols and William Thomas.  Chris Needham had been in the lead fight as well, but dropped behind Michael Rich, only recovering fifth with a lap to run.  Rich had been in the first three during the early laps, but lost a huge amount of time and had to fight back from tenth whilst Jamie Hunnisett was excluded.  Getting the lead at the start of the second final was crucial for West as he put up a faultless 19 lap defence in a six kart train.  Rich leapfrogged up that train to second, but fell back to sixth in the dash for the flag, when some bark was spread over the track, letting West finally escape for the win.  Nichols was the beneficiary, getting second over Graver and Sam Lloyd. 

Final One: 1 Michael West; 2 Adam Nichols; 3 William Thomas; 4 Luke Graver; 5 Chris Needham

Final Two: 1 Michael West; 2 Adam Nichols; 3 Luke Graver; 4 Sam Lloyd; 5 Emyr Honeybun

Standings: 1 Michael West 483; 2 Michael Rich 465; 3 Adam Nichols 458; 4 William Thomas 442; Ben Deacon 428

Junior TKM

Rory Pringle had earned pole, but couldn’t sustain a front running pace in the first final, falling back to seventh at the start and never recovering.  Stephen Letts took no part in the finals after being excluded from the meeting due to a stuck piston ring.  So it was Will van Es who took up the lead from the start, whilst Sophie Lanc spun at the first chicane, thereafter storming back to thirteenth.  Daniel Burton had started fifth, but rose to grab the lead, throwing off a brief challenge from James Raven.  Burton was now leading a six kart train, with Peace and van Es occasionally swapping second until he and van Es broke away.  Raven came back to challenge, but seized his engine.  Eventually Burton received a small respite from the fight behind, running unchallenged to the flag.  In the second final, Burton and Peace traded the lead until van Es came between them, and then Ryan Stronach cruised up from his eighth place on the grid to second.  By the time Peace had recovered second, Burton had escaped to his second win. Lanc reached eighth and Oliver Basey-Fisher put in the fastest lap, finishing sixth. 

Final One: 1 Daniel Burton; 2 Will van Es; 3 James Peace; 4 Luke Cooper; 5 Matt Davies

Final Two: 1 Daniel Burton; 2 James Peace; 3 Ryan Stronach; 4 Matt Davies; 5 Will van Es

Standings: 1 James Peace 465; 2 Oliver Basey-Fisher 444; 3 Matt Davies 433; 4 Will van Es 433; 5 Daniel Burton 419

TKM Extreme

Polesitter Phil Smith took up the early running but succumbed to David Eadon’s challenge.  Both were then demoted by Joe Porter, whilst Smith repelled an advance by Charlie Bruce-White to hold third.  Eadon managed to get the lead back with a couple of 19 laps left to run, narrowly holding his advantage to the flag.  Ryan Cole started third but a crash at the hairpin ended his race, and in the second final he crashed out at the start, as did Lisa Playfair.  Randal Lynn lost a wheel early in the race.  Eadon and Smith resumed battle in the second final, trading the lead until Porter eventually found a way past Bruce-White to regain third, then split the lead duo, demoting Smith.  Smith and Bruce-White’s dice ended with a clash, forcing both to retire, promoting Jason Moore to the podium.

Final One: 1 David Eadon; 2 Joe Porter; 3 Phil Smith; 4 Paul Monks; 5 Jason Moore

Final Two: 1 David Eadon; 2 Joe Porter; 3 Jason Moore; 4 Simon Vercoe; 5 Scott Chaney

Standings: 1 Joe Porter 474; 2 David Eadon 469; 3 Phil Smith 433; 4 Scott Chaney 419; 5 Charlie Bruce-White 418

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