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MiniMax: Timed Qualifying, Quali 2,  Heat 1, Heat 2, Heat 3, Heat 4,  Repechage, Final 1 , Final 2
Max: Timed Qualifying, Quali 2, Heat 1, Heat 2, Heat 3,  ,  Final 1, Final 2, 
Junior Max: Timed Qualifying, Quali 2,  Heat 1, Heat 2, Heat 3, Heat 4, Repechage,  Final 1, Final 2, 
Max 177: Timed Qualifying, Heat 1, Heat 2,  Final 1,  Final 2, 
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Super One Rotax Series Round 11 & 12: Shenington 28  - 29 August 2010

As the title countdown approaches the climax at a Wigan decider in October, in the senior classes Tom Fawcett and Lucas Orrock are marching to the title, theirs to lose. In the junior categories it is too close to call with George Russell under real pressure in the MiniMax, whilst in Junior Max Andy King’s unlucky starts may have ruled him out of the battle between Matt Parry, Jack Marshall and Sean Babington.  Lucky with the weekend weather, only a small handful of races had to be run on wet weather tyres, and driving standards were good with no racing red flags whatsoever.   


Adam MacKay proved to have the perfect setup in the first final, with the whole pack on wets after a torrential rain shower during the break.  He got his own break away when the karts behind him lightly tangled out of the first hairpin, gifting him a huge cushion as the track dried out.  Seb Morris and Rob Holland proved also to have good setups as they roared up from the back of the grid.  Morris did most of his work on the first lap, then pipped Zubair Houque at the last hairpin on lap six for second.  Holland stormed past Oliver Myers for third on the last lap whilst Houque fell back with dying wets behind James Walkington, George Russell and Keiron Bowness.  But Russell was penalised seventeen seconds for an earlier incident, dropping him to 22nd.  MacKay held off Bowness, Holland and Houque for the first half of the 21 lap second final, until Holland stormed to the front.  Harry Webb had carved through from his mid grid start and was now making serious inroads on the leading bunch, and despite new leader Sam Ward’s stout defence, Webb found an opening at Café Corner.  As the others squabbled behind, Houque and Holland fell back to the teens, whilst MacKay fought past Ward at the first hairpin for second.


MiniMax Final One: 1 Adam MacKay (Tonykart); 2 Seb Morris (Alonso); 3 Rob Holland (Tonykart); 4 Oliver Myers (Tonykart); 5 Keiron Bowness (Tonykart); 6 James Walkington (Alonso).

Final Two: 1 Webb; 2 MacKay; 3 Bowness; 4 Sam Ward (Kosmic); 5 Bobby Thompson (Tonykart); 6 Joe Byrne (Tonykart).

Championship standings: George Russell 513; Jack Aitken 507; Harry Webb 489; Sam Ward 488; Ryan Norris 484; Adam MacKay 471.

Junior Max

Jack Marshall’s two hard fought wins have put him firmly into title contention.  As George Williams and Andy King were spat off to the side at the start of the first final, Oliver Hodgson led Jack Barlow away, with Matt Parry soon snatching second, then first.  Meanwhile Marshall sliced through them all, trading the lead with Parry whilst Hodgson fell behind Sean Babington.  Parry made a final try for the lead at the chicane, but Marshall came back at him at the start of the last lap, allowing Babington to get a run for second.  As Ash Hand lost a wheel at the start of the second final, several spinners caused more delays and Hodgson failed to complete the first lap, leaving Babington to leapfrog Parry and Marshall to lead.  Parry regrouped, putting Babington to third and trading first place with Marshall until the last lap jockeying saw Marshall win from Jack Barlow, Babington and Parry.   


Junior Max Final One: 1 Jack Marshall (Tonykart); 2 Sean Babington (Alonso); 3 Matthew Parry (Kosmic); 4 Oliver Hodgson (Tonykart); 5 Jack Barlow (Tonykart); 6 Matthew George (Kosmic).

Final Two: 1 Marshall; 2 Barlow; 3 Babington; 4 Parry; 5 Steven Handford (Tonykart); 6 George.

Championship standings: Jack Marshall 509; Matthew Parry 501; Sean Babington 479; Andy King 460; Oliver Hodgson 453; Jack Barlow 436.

Senior Max

Barrie Pullinger enjoyed his maiden victory from a grid five start, soon up to third and then splitting Jake Ball and John Stewart.  Pullinger tracked Stewart through to the penultimate lap when an opening presented at the first hairpin, Stewart unable to respond.  Matthew Mason threw off a strong challenge from Daniel Graham for third with points leader Tom Fawcett  scoring a steady fifth.  Mason demoted Pullinger on the third lap of the second final, the first final winner falling to seventh, but Mason was defenceless in the onslaught of Stewart, Graham and Fawcett.  Mason regrouped, picking off all his rivals except Stewart for second, whilst Ball came out on top of the massive battle for third, demoting Fawcett to fifth just ahead of Graham.  Pullinger held onto fourth during the switch around. 


Rotax Max Final One: 1 Barrie Pullinger (Tonykart); 2 John Stewart (Tonykart); 3 Matthew Mason (CRG); 4 Daniel Graham (Kosmic); 6 Tom Fawcett (Tonykart); 6 Jake Ball (Tonykart).

Rotax Max Final Two: 1 Stewart; 2 Mason; 3 Ball; 4 Pullinger; 5 Fawcett; 6 Graham.

Championship standings: Tom Fawcett 531; Shaun Slavin 484; Jake Ball 480; John Stewart 461; Danny Russell 448;. Edward Brand 448.

Max 177

With the track drying rapidly, everyone opted for slicks in the first final with Justin Edgar outwitting polesitter Lucas Orrock at the start.  But a better run out of the last hairpin over the start line put Edgar down to third in favour of Orrock and Colin Davis.  Edgar fell to fifth, but fought back past Tim Penton and Stephen Cobb for a third place finish, Orrock the winner.  For the second final, Orrock led all the way, tracked initially by Edgar until a failed pass at the last hairpin dropped Edgar behind Cobb.  Penton pipped Edgar, but the latter sliced through at the last hairpin to regain third, with Davis following through and Penton then dropping behind Tom Holland.  At the front Cobb nipped into the lead and held on for the last two laps, Orrock alongside over the finish. 


Max 177 Final One: 1 Lucas Orrock (Kosmic); 2 Colin Davis (Redspeed); 3 Justin Edgar (Tonykart); 4 Stephen Cobb (Birel); 5 Tim Penton (Kosmic); 6 Tom Holland (Alonso).

Final Two: 1 Cobb; 2 Orrock; 3 Edgar; 4 Davis; 5 Holland; 6 Penton.

Championship standings: Lucas Orrock 567; David Griffiths 552; Stephen Cobb 516; Colin Davis 514; Tim Penton 498; Tom Holland 484.