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MiniMax: Timed Qualifying, Heat 1, Heat 2, Heat 3, Heat 4,  Repechage, Final 1 , Final 2
Max: Timed Qualifying, Heat 1, Heat 2, Heat 3,  ,  Final 1, Final 2, 
Junior Max: Timed Qualifying,  Heat 1, Heat 2, Heat 3, , Repechage,  Final 1, Final 2, 
Max 177: Timed Qualifying, Heat 1, Heat 2,  Final 1,  Final 2, 
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Super One Rotax Series Round 9 & 10: Larkhall 24 Ė 25 July 2010

For the fifth event of the series, the limelight shifted to a new set of winners, that is except for Max 177 where David Griffiths was uncatchable.  Scottish driver Adam MacKay stormed to the front in the first MiniMax final, and easily maintained that position throughout the second.  Andy King pounced for the first Junior Max win, but had a troublesome second final.  Oliver Hodgson outwitted long standing leader Ash Hand for that win.  Matthew Mason was untouchable in the senior Max races.  A little drizzle drifted over the track during the morning, but the finals were all completely dry at the Scottish circuit.

We are thankful that Clerk of the Course Martin Bean suffered no more than severe bruising in his unwanted close encounter with a spinning kart, and also send best wishes for a speedy recovery to Sean Babington, injured in the second Junior Max final. 


Whilst Jack Aitken led the protagonists in the timed qualifying from Adam Glear, Sam Ward and Ryan Norris, the eventual winner Adam MacKay was denied any time after a scrutineering card issue led to exclusion.  Very fired up through the heats setting fastest laps and winning one heat; MacKay qualified on grid six for the first final.  Aitken was on pole but after a quick trade of the lead fell to fourth as Harry Webb consolidated first place.  MacKay fell back at the start but soon vaulted into third behind Ryan Norris, and when the top two fought, MacKay calmly took the lead, followed by Aitken, and safe to the end.  The enormous battle behind resolved in favour of Webb, Aitken, Norris and George Russell in that order.  MacKay was untouched in the second final whilst Aitken, Webb and Norris traded second with Russell ever present but not quite having the pace to move forward.  The latter had his own fight with George Line and Oliver Myers, who hadnít even set a time in qualifying.  Line made a big lunge on the last corner to gain places, with the others forced wide, but this resulted in a ten second penalty putting him down to thirteenth.  MacKay was nearly three seconds ahead of Norris, with Aitken, Russell and Webb crossing in short order.


MiniMax Final One: 1 Adam MacKay (Tonykart); 2 Harry Webb (Tonykart); 3 Jack Aitken (Gillard); 4 Ryan Norris (Tonykart); 5 George Russell (Tonykart); 6 Zubair Hougue (Tonykart).

Final Two: 1 MacKay; 2 Norris; 3 Aitken; 4 Russell; 5 Webb; 6 Adam Glear (Alonso).

Championship standings: George Russell 454; Jack Aitken 432; Sam Ward 411; Ryan Norris 408; Harry Webb 405; Oliver Myers 384.

Junior Max

Only seven tenths of a second blanketed the entire forty kart field with Ash Hand, Sean Babington, Andy King and Matthew Parry at the top.  Going through the heats, all except King had a win, with Hand the best score for the first final pole and he led all but the last lap.  King stalked him throughout, pouncing at the end for the win aided slightly by catching a backmarker.  Nathan Harrison fell back slightly, to lead the next battle, holding off Matthew Parry who succumbed to Oliver Hodgson at the end but Babington fell foul of the start lap tangles.  On the second lap of the second final, King tangled with another kart, Hand took up the lead with Hodgson following and Parry getting the better of James Singleton.  King stopped for repairs in the wrong place, and was given a drive through penalty for both offences, rejoining initially amongst the leaders.  Even so he remains very much in the hunt for the title.  Harrison didnít even complete a lap.  As the last few laps approached, Parry was desperate to move up, trying without success for second place but crashing over Babington instead, for which he was excluded.  He still just retains the championship lead.  Babington had made startling progress from nearly last to what had become third, but his shoulder injury forced retirement.  Hodgson went on for his best result in the class, nipping past Hand for the win with Singleton classified third, Jack Barlow fourth.


Junior Max Final One: 1 Andy King (Gillard); 2 Ash Hand (CRG); 3 Nathan Harrison (Tonykart); 4 Oliver Hodgson (Tonykart); 5 Matthew Parry (Kosmic); 6 James Singleton (Tonykart).

Final Two: 1 Hodgson; 2 Hand; 3 Singleton; 4 Jack Barlow (Alonso); 5 Callum Pointon (Tonykart); 6 Jamie Dzyra (Tonykart).

Championship standings: Matthew Parry 411; Jack Marshall 409; Andy King 404; Oliver Hodgson 389; Sean Babington 385; Nathan Harrison 353.

Senior Max

Dan Holland continued to impress with fastest qualifying time over Shaun Slavin and Matthew Mason, but came off at the start of the first final, his challenge effectively over.  That left polesitter Matthew Mason en route to the first of two splendid wins, although he was pushed towards the end by Slavin.  Jake Ball had briefly taken second at the start until usurped by Slavin, whilst Michael Simpson, Daniel Graham and Tom Fawcett completed the top six.  In the second final, Holland made no progress after hooking up with another kart whilst at the other end of the grid Mason stormed off for another win, chased by Ball.  Fawcett took back the place he lost at the start, and when Simpson ran wide on the grass down the hill to the hairpin, Fawcett had fourth with Danny Graham following.  Simpsonís set up change wasnít working as he slid to 23rd whilst his Birel team mate Edward Brand held sixth. 


Rotax Max Final One: 1 Matthew Mason (CRG); 2 Shaun Slavin (CRG); 3 Jake Ball (Tonykart); 4 Michael Simpson (Bire.); 5 Daniel Graham (Kosmic); 6 Tom Fawcett (Tonykart).

Rotax Max Final Two: 1 Mason; 2 Ball; 3 Slavin; 4 Fawcett; 5 Graham; 6 Edward Brand (Birel).

Championship standings: Tom Fawcett 445; Shaun Slavin 415; Jake Ball 392; Edward Brand 376; Danny Russell 368; John Stewart 363.

Max 177

David Griffiths reigned supreme, topping qualifying and winning all four races, the first final by a country mile.  Justin Edgar is finding his feet after his long lay off, but grid two was unhelpful in the first final as he fell to sixth, fighting back to third.  Luke Woodland held second for the first half, despite a brief trade with Tim Penton, which saw the latter fall back.  As the race progressed Edgar and Lucas Orrock deposed Woodland, and later Colin Davis as well.  In the second final Edgar kept up the pressure on Griffiths with Davis running third until near the end when Orrock and Stephen Cobb muscled him aside on successive laps.


Max 177 Final One: 1 David Griffiths (X30); 2 Stephen Cobb (Birel); 3 Justin Edgar (Tonykart); 4 Lucas Orrock (Kosmic); 5 Colin Davis (Redspeed); 6 Luke Woodland (Gillard).

Final Two: 1 Griffiths; 2 Edgar; 3 Orrock; 4 Cobb; 5 Davis; 6 Tom Holland (Alonso).

Championship standings: David Griffiths 470; Lucas Orrock 469; Luke Woodland 428; Colin Davis 422; Stephen Cobb 422; Tim Penton 413.