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 SKF: No more SKF raced in 2010, drivers transferred to KF2

KF2: Timed Qualifying, Heat 1, Heat 2, Final 1, Final 2
KF3: Timed Qual,  Heat 1, Heat 2, , Final 1, Final 2
Cadet: Timed Qualifying, Heat 1, Heat 2,, , Final 1, Final 2
Support Races were held for Formula KGP and Super Cadet
Formula KGP: Timed Qualifying, Heat 1, Heat 2, Final 1, Final 2
Super Cadet: Timed Qualifying, Heat 1, Heat 2, Final 1, Final 2
Final Points Tables for 2010:  SKF, KF2, KF3, Comer Cadet

StingrayRV MSA British Kart Championship Super One Series Race Report

Rounds 13 & 14: PF International, Lincolnshire 23 – 24 October

With all the championship titles settled at the previous round the battle was on for the rest at this last meeting of the year, whilst KF3 MSA British Junior Champion, and U18 World Champion Jake Dennis took the opportunity to move up to the senior KF2 class.  KF2 will become the senior MSA British Kart Championship in 2011, replacing Super KF which had insufficient support to continue.  Ben Barnicoat dominated the finals in KF3, and sealed his vice-champion position.  Having already transferred from SKF, Mark Litchfield came out on top of the second KF2 final, but Denis Gorman was the surprise winner of the first.  The second final was notable for being run on a damp track after a shower of rain spoilt what had been a cold but sunny day.  Lando Norris and Connor Jupp shared the Comer Cadet wins.  The meeting hosted demonstration races for two new classes being introduced to the UK;  Super Cadet and Formula KGP.  Good sized entries were secured in both, with James Kellett proving the best of the youngsters.  The British SKF champion Mark Litchfield entered KGP as well as KF2 and came out on top of battles with international KZ2 driver Jack Hawksworth and multiple Rotax champion Michael Simpson. 

MSA British Junior Kart Championship KF3

Although Ben Barnicoat only qualified tenth in the time trials he made up through the heats for a grid three start in the first final.  Roy Johnson had been quickest initially but had to be satisfied with a second and tenth in the heats which were won by Jake Dalton and Barnicoat.  Sam MacLeod had earned pole but he was soon shuffled back as Barnicoat took up the lead and stretched it out to five seconds.  As MacLeod continued to slip back to an eventual eighth, Dalton leapfrogged Callan O’Keeffe  and set off to chase Barnicoat, although he was briefly re-passed by O’Keeffe.  Behind then the mother of all battles took place with Charlie Eastwood, George Gamble, Johnson, Matthew Graham and Alex Hamilton all in the thick of it.  Eastwood tapped Charlie Robertson wide at the first hairpin and took fourth.  By this time Johnson had escaped for third and Daniel Vaughan vaulted into fourth to demote Eastwood.  The second final was only slightly less frenetic as Barnicoat streaked away again with Dalton in pursuit.  But Dalton faded towards the end, and was surpassed by Vaughan and Johnson but managing to hold off Hamilton for fourth.  MacLeod and Graham tangled, later resulting in the former’s exclusion.  Robertson had an incident early in the race, but took fastest lap as he strived to catch up.

KF3 Results

Final 1: Ben Barnicoat (Tonykart/TM); 2 Jake Dalton (Alonso/tba); 3 Roy Johnson (RK/Maxter); 4 Daniel Vaughan (Tonykart/TM); 5 Charlie Eastwood (Alonso/TM)

Final 2: 1 Barnicoat; 2 Vaughan; 3 Johnson; 4 Dalton; 5 Alex Hamilton (Alonso/TM).

KF3 Final Championship standings

1 Jake Dennis 576; 2 Ben Barnicoat 572; 3 Jake Dalton 555; 4 Roy Johnson 517; 5 Charlie Eastwood 509; 6 Matthew Graham 477

MSA British Kart Championship Super KF

Final Championship Standings

1 Mark Litchfield 487; 2 Jonathan Walker 455; 3 Elliot Burton 436; 4 James Godbehere 426; 5 Denis Gorman 417; 6 Raymie Eastwood 412

ABkC KF2 National Championship

The star-studded race was notable for having not only the new CIK/FIA U18 World Champion Jake Dennis having his first senior outing, and going second to Mark Litchfield in the time trials, but also the CIK/FIA World Cup Super KF Champion Oliver Rowland having his first UK race in three years.  Litchfield won the first heat and CIK/FIA World Vice-Champion Jordan Chamberlain the second.   From pole in the first final Litchfield was soon embroiled in a fight with Billy Albone and Sam Snell, whilst Dennis slipped back still acclimatising to the front brakes in the now dry conditions.  Chamberlain broke clear of Jake Lloyd and carved his way onto Litchfield’s bumper, challenging for the lead whilst Litchfield defended.  They dived into the chicane side by side, neither giving way, and both spinning out in unison as Denis Gorman unexpectedly picked up the win, followed by the delayed Albone.  Rowland was third.  Just before the second final, and the last race of the day, a sudden rain shower interrupted what had been a fine sunny but cold day.  Everyone was allowed time to mount wet weather tyres.  At the start Rowland pushed up the inside of Gorman taking him wide onto the grass, whilst Rowland continued in the lead.  Litchfield was magnificent in the tricky conditions, arrowing through from practically last to second in very few laps.  Dennis picked up second at the start but gradually slipped behind Albone, Litchfield and Alex Walker to finish fourth as Albone dropped to fifth.  Litchfield reeled in Rowland, finally punching through at the second hairpin and then putting a massive ten seconds on him.

KF2 Results

Final 1: 1 Denis Gorman (Maranello/Maxter); 2 Billy Albone (RK/IAME); 3 Oliver Rowland (Tonykart/TM); 4 Jake Lloyd (Tonykart/TM); 5 Sam Snell (Intrepid/TM)

Final 2: 1 Mark Litchfield (Alonso/Maxter); 2 Rowland; 3 Alex Walker (Tonykart/TM); 4 Jake Dennis (Topkart/IAME); 5 Albone

KF2 Final Championship Standings

1 Jacob Nortoft 567; 2 Alex Walker 519; 3 Callum Bowyer 514; 4 Sam Snell 506; 5 Jake Lloyd 504; 6 Jordan King 496

ABkC Cadet National Championship

Newly crowned British champion Nathan Aston topped the timed qualifying and won the first heat with Max Vaughan taking the other in what was the biggest entry at the meeting.  But it was Ross Gunn who took pole for the first final and set off ahead of Vaughan and Jamie Caroline as Aston was hung out to dry.  Vaughan moved up to lead until Gunn, Jupp and Lando Norris broke away from the rest, with Aston trying to catch them whilst Caroline fell back.  As the lead trio fought for the win over the last couple of laps, it was Norris who came to the fore, followed by Jupp and Gunn with Aston still a little adrift.  In the second final Aston was again on the outside and fell back to ninth, never really recovering.  No-one managed to escape as an eight kart train sped around with everyone jockeying for position.  The US driver Santino Ferrucci headed the pack most of the time until the dying stages when Jupp leapfrogged Norris and Ferrucci to win.  Philip Rawson roared up from the back of the grid to take fourth.

Comer Cadet Results

Final 1: 1 Lando Norris (Tonykart); 2 Connor Jupp (Zip); 3 Ross Gunn (Zip); 4 Nathan Aston (Zip); 5 Santino Ferrucci (Zip).

Final 2: 1 Jupp; 2 Ferrucci; 3 Norris; 4 Philip Rawson (Zip); 5 Jordan Gilbertson (Zip).

Cadet Final Championship Standings

1 Tom Harvey 569; 2 Connor Jupp 536; 3 Lando Norris 520; 4 Max Vaughan 518; 5 Ross Gunn 510; 6 Nathan Aston 506

Super Cadet

Trevyn Jay Nelson narrowly pipped James Kellett in the damp time trials amongst the nineteen karts making their debut in the UK.  Kellett took both heat wins but was put down to third on the opening lap of the first final when Nelson went up the inside and Tom Harvey followed, then went for the lead.  The trio pulled clear of the rest of the pack, which was led by Billy Monger, until they came upon an errant backmarker.  Harvey went to the wrong side and fell to third as Kellett took the chance to pounce on Nelson and immediately pulled out a cushion which he extended to seven seconds.  Harvey started taking tight lines defending second but Nelson and Monger both got through and then Monger skipped into second, whilst Harvey recovered one place for third over Nelson.  Briefly behind Monger in the second final, Kellett pulled away leaving Monger and Nelson trading second.  Eventually Monger got the upper hand with Nelson a lonely third.  Charlie Barlow hassled Sam Priest in fourth but never found a gap so it was the new Prima Racing team with a one-two and both using Lenzo engines.

Super Cadet Results

Final 1 Results: 1 James Kellett (Tonykart/Lenzo); 2 Billy Monger (Tonykart/Lenzo); 3 Tom Harvey (Zip/IAME); 4 Trevyn Jay Nelson (Zip/IAME); 5 Sam Priest (Tonykart/Lenzo)

Final 2 Results: 1 Kellett; 2 Monger; 3 Nelson; 4 Priest; 5 Charlie Barlow (Wright/IAME)

Formula KGP

With Birel’s Ronnie Sala and Carlo Boscolo on hand to cut the ceremonial ribbon at the start of the UK’s first race for the new BMB-powered class, halfway in performance between Rotax Max and KF2, and with an encouraging 22 entries.  And it was Birel’s Michael Simpson who went top of the timed qualifying list over Justin Edgar, who was running in the Masters category for the heavier drivers.  Hawksworth was third and Litchfield sixth.  Heats fell to Hawksworth and Simpson putting Hawksworth on pole but he stopped almost immediately.   The race was red-flagged to regrid whilst Hawksworth’s mechanics repaired the kart and he joined the back.  Edgar stopped with a broken axle whilst Litchfield took up the lead over Simpson.  Stephen Cobb, another Max 177 refugee in the Masters category, fell back from his initial third to twelfth.  Hawskworth did an amazing job to storm through from the back, eventually taking Phil Smith for third whilst Litchfield pulled a couple of seconds on Simpson.  Hawksworth punched past Litchfield with Simpson following on the opening lap of the second final.  As Litchfield struggled to get his kart up to speed Phil Smith also passed, but Litchfield soon recovered third.   Out ahead Simpson challenged Hawksworth, the pair abreast into the chicane and neither giving way.  Hawksworth had to take a grassy shortcut whilst Litchfield pounced on Simpson for the lead.  A quick exchange later kept Litchfield ahead but Hawksworth had closed and took Simpson at the first hairpin.  Phil Smith retired from fourth in the closing stages leaving Tom Wrigley the best of the rest, and Justin Edgar in sixth was the top Masters.

KGP Results

Final 1: 1 Mark Litchfield (Alonso); 2 Michael Simpson (Birel); 3 Jack Hawskworth (Gillard); 4 Phil Smith (Tonykart); 5 Gary Edwards (Tonykart)

Final 2: 1 Litchfield; 2 Hawksworth; 3 Simpson; 4 Tom Wrigley (Alonso); 5 Jason Moore (Tonykart)


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