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 SKF: No more SKF raced in 2010, drivers transferred to KF2

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StingrayRV MSA British Kart Championship Super One Series

Rounds 11 & 12: Whilton Mill, Northamptonshire, 4 – 5 September

Following a weekend of exciting racing, albeit punctuated by a heavy shower of rain, all four classes now have provisional champions even before the last rounds.  All the Super KF drivers transferred to KF2 for Whilton Mill, to make a much bigger grid than the two separate classes, leaving Mark Litchfield in MSA British Championship pole position. He will be the British champion for a record fifth time.  For 2011, the British Championship will move to the KF2 class, where a £10,000 prize has been put up for the champion.  In KF2, history was made when the Danish driver Jacob Nortoft put the title beyond reach of his rivals, the first time a non-British driver has won a Super One title.  BBC cameras were on hand to see Racing Steps Foundation supported Jake Dennis take the provisional MSA Junior British crown in KF3, they are making a documentary on the young racing driver to go out on TV early in 2011.  A second and third in Comer Cadets were sufficient for Tom Harvey  - a rookie in the series – to provisionally take the ABkC National Cadet championship.  The last rounds will be at the PF International circuit on 23 – 24 October.

StingrayRV MSA Junior British Kart Championship

Jake Dennis endured a tough fight from pole position in the first final with Jake Dalton and Roy Johnson whilst his principal rival Ben Barnicoat misjudged the braking at the first corner and slithered wide.  A rain shower had hit the track just before the finals, and many – like Barnicoat - had never raced before at the venue in the wet.  Dennis fought his way back from third place to catch and briefly pass Dalton but had to settle for second, with Northern Irish driver Charlie Eastwood nipping past Johnson at the end whilst Barnicoat trailed in sixth.  The track was fully dry for the second final, with Dennis pipped for the lead by Johnson on the second lap, Barnicoat soon leap-frogging both.  But Johnson fell out of contention, leaving Dennis to track Barnicoat for several laps before nipping past on the long uphill section, only to be almost immediately re-passed.  With Charlie Robertson joining the lead duo, Dennis made a move stick, Robertson following as Callan O’Keeffe stormed up to fourth from his grid seventeen start.  Barnicoat reclaimed second with a couple of laps to spare, but Dennis was just too distant to challenge.  “I am very proud if indeed I have won the MSA title, and want to thank RSF, Zip Kart and John Mills Engineering for the engines,” said Dennis, who is lying joint first in the inaugural CIK-FIA Under 18 World Championship and will challenge for the KF3 World Cup at Braga in Portugal the next weekend.  

KF3 Results

Final 1:

1 Jake Dalton (Tonykart); 2 Jake Dennis (Topkart); 3 Charlie Eastwood (Alonso); 4 Roy Johnson (Zanardi); 5 Ben Barnicoat (Tonykart); 6 Sam MacLeod (Tonykart)

Final 2:

1 Dennis; 2 Barnicoat; 3 Charlie Robertson (Tonykart); 4 Callan O’Keeffe (Alonso); 5 Edward Jones (Zanardi); 6 Matthew Graham (Tonykart)

KF3 Championship standings after Round 12

1 Jake Dennis 576; 2 Ben Barnicoat 551; 3 Jake Dalton 527; 4 Roy Johnson 492; 5 Charlie Eastwood 483; 6 Matthew Graham 458

ABkC KF2 National Championship

Almost everyone slid wide at the first corner, new wets and unfamiliarity with the track in damp conditions the issue, leaving Jordan King from grid five in charge and well ahead of Elliot Burton.  But King was flagged in with a trailing rear bumper whilst James Godbehere stormed through to take the lead, his setup perfect for the greasy conditions.  Soon afterwards Burton was forced to retire, leaving Jonathan Walker well clear of Jordan Chamberlain.  Polesitter Alex Walker was worst hit at the start, dropping right to the back whilst Mark Litchfield recovered from his grassy trip to come over the line a fraction behind Tom Grice for fifth.  Having lined up on the second row for the start, Jacob Nortoft kept his title hopes alive with ninth, ahead of his main KF2 rivals.  Chamberlain wasted no time in taking the lead of the second final from Godbehere, who slipped away to eighth.  Litchfield was again squeezed out at the start, but he vaulted past Walker and tracked down the leader, checking behind before nipping past for the win.  Chamberlain had to settle for second with Walker a more distant third.  Nortoft was gifted fourth when Grice thought the race over a lap too soon, easily enough to provisionally lift the title. 

KF2 Results

Final 1: 1 James Godbehere (Maranello); 2 Jonathan Walker (Alonso); 3 Jordan Chamberlain (Tonykart); 4 Tom Grice (Maranello);  5 Mark Litchfield (Alonso); 6 Oscar King (Tonykart). 

Final 2: 1 Litchfield; 2 Chamberlain; 3 Walker; 4 Jacob Nortoft (Alonso); 5 Grice; 6 Jake Lloyd (Tonykart).

KF2 Championship Standings after Round 12

1 Jacob Nortoft 564; 2 Alex Walker 509; 3 Callum Bowyer 508; 4 Jake Lloyd 499; 5 Sam Snell 498; 6 Oscar King 491

ABkC Cadet National Championship

Ross Gunn outwitted polesitter Daniel Ticktum at the start of the first final, but then slipped away to sixth in the rain whilst Nathan Aston stormed up to trade the lead with Ticktum.  The pair dragged themselves clear of Jordan Gilbertson, who had fought through the intensely competitive third and fourth place battles.  But Gilbertson fell to the back, leaving third in the hands of Tom Harvey whilst fourth came to Philip Rawson as he fought off Gunn’s challenge.  For the second final Aston and Harvey broke away as Connor Jupp roared into third.  Lando Norris lost his third place in the points table after coming off on the first lap, he had fought back from a hefty heat accident earlier.  Jupp was caught by the next group and shuffled back to sixth leaving Max Vaughan, Rawson and Gunn to dispute the final podium place, finishing in that order.  Harvey had a last attempt at the win, but was firmly rebuffed by Aston.  

Comer Cadet Results

Final 1: 1 Nathan Aston (Zip); 2 Daniel Ticktum (Wright); 3 Tom Harvey (Zip); 4 Philip Rawson (Zip); 5 Ross Gunn (Zip); 6 Connor Jupp (Zip).

Final 2: 1 Aston; 2 Harvey; 3 Max Vaughan (Zip); 4 Rawson; 5 Gunn; 6 Jupp.

Cadet Championship Standings after Round 12

1 Tom Harvey 569; 2 Max Vaughan 508; 3 Ross Gunn 492; 4 Lando Norris 473; 5 Connor Jupp 470; 6 Jordan Gilbertson 443


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