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StingrayRV MSA British Kart Championship Super One Series

Rounds 9 & 10: Glan y Gors, Wales, August 7 – 8

MSA British Kart Championship Super KF

Although Jordan Chamberlain enjoyed two clear cut wins, Mark Litchfield left the north Wales circuit with his championship lead intact, even after failing to start the first final with electrical gremlins.  Chamberlain easily converted pole to the lead in the first final, chased by Denis Gorman who said later: “I lost the draft at half distance, Jordan just has a tenth on all of us today.”  Jonathan Walker came through after a heat non-finish to track down and pass Raymie Eastwood for second, the Northern Irish driver then losing third to Elliot Burton.  Litchfield was rapidly up to third in the second final, but was trapped behind Walker for several laps.  When Walker ran a little wide entering the Devils Elbow, Litchfield shot through the gap but found Chamberlain too far distant to challenge.  “It was no trouble again,” said Chamberlain afterwards.  When Walker repeated his error on the last lap, James Godbehere took the final podium position.  Due to the decreasing numbers in the class, this is likely to become the last round of the 2011 series, and in 2011 the British Championship will move to the KF2 class.

SKF Results

Final 1: 1 Jordan Chamberlain; 2 Dennis Gorman (Maranello); 3 Jonathan Walker (Tonykart); 4 Elliot Burton (Tonykart); 5 Raymie Eastwood (Birel); 6 James Godbehere (Maranello).

Final 2: 1 Chamberlain; 2 Mark Litchfield (Alonso); 3 Godbehere; 4 Walker; 5 Gorman; 6 Eastwood.

SKF Championship Standings after Round 10

1 Mark Litchfield 487

2 Jonathan Walker 455

3 Elliot Burton 436

4 James Godbehere 426

5 Denis Gorman 417

6 Raymie Eastwood 412

MSA Junior British Junior Kart Championship KF3

Building on his victory in the previous weekend’s MSA British Kart Grand Prix, Ben Barnicoat executed two perfect wins at the Super One MSA series first ever visit to north Wales.  A slingshot out of the last corner gave him a crucial heat win over rival Jake Dennis to earn pole which was converted to a lights to flag victory in the first final.  Dennis slotted into second and eventually pulled a cushion on his pursuers, where Jake Dalton just pipped Matthew Graham at the end.  “I had to defend at the start then got a little bit of a gap,” said Barnicoat.  For the second final, Dennis had to give best to both Barnicoat and Dalton at the start, and although he was swift to pass, Barnicoat had already stretched a gap.  Bemoaning a down on power engine, Dennis was reeled in and passed by Dalton in the closing stages of the sixteen minute race, Dalton firstly having to re-pass Callum O’Keefe.  “It’s just a shame I got overtaken at the start by them both, because the kart was going well and I might have caught Ben,” said Dalton.

KF3 Results

Final 1: 1 Ben Barnicoat (Tonykart); 2 Jake Dennis (Topkart); 3 Jake Dalton (Tonykart); 4 Matthew Graham (Tonykart); 5 Callum O’Keefe (FA Kart); 6 Daniel Vaughan (Tonykart).

Final 2: 1 Barnicoat; 2 Dalton; 3 Dennis; 4 O’Keefe; 5 Vaughan; 6 Graham.

KF3 Championship standings after Round 10

1 Jake Dennis 478

2 Ben Barnicoat 460

3 Jake Dalton 437

4 Roy Johnson 418

5 Charlie Eastwood 405

6 Matthew Graham 384

ABkC KF2 National Championship

Billy Albone’s glory in outwitting poleman Alex Walker in the first final lasted but a lap as Walker nipped past and powered away to a two second win.  Jordan King lost second place with an engine seizure, Sam Snell having stormed through from the back to inherit the place.  Callum Bowyer came out on top of his fight with Steven Napier for the remaining podium position.  In the second final, a great start by Snell was the key to victory, although he was pressured hard in the latter stages by Walker.  Napier had to pit out of third when his chain guard came off, whilst King flew by Bowyer and Albon in the last couple of laps for the last podium place.

KF2 Results

Final 1: 1 Alex Walker (Tonykart); 2 Sam Snell (Intrepid); 3 Callum Bowyer (Tonykart); 4 Steven Napier (Tonykart); 5 Billy Albone (RK); 6 Jacob Nortoft (FA Kart). 

Final 2: 1 Snell; 2 Walker; 3 Jordan King (RK); 4 Albone; 5 Bowyer; 6 Oscar King (Tonykart).

KF2 Championship Standings after Round 10

1 Jacob Nortoft 481

2 Callum Bowyer 434

3 Alex Walker 434

4 Jordan King 420

5 Sam Sneil 419

6 Oscar King 417

ABkC Cadet National Championship

Fast all weekend, Nathan Aston took up the running from the first final pole, trading the lead with Santino Ferrucci and Max Vaughan.  But Aston plummeted to 18th, Connor Jupp taking up the front position until he too took a dive back to 17th.  Philip Rawson had worked his way into the lead group from his grid 11 start, deposing Harvey and Ferrucci until the American driver squeaked back into the lead coming down the hill.  Ferrucci was bundled back to third, running wide with second placed Harvey and gifting privateer Rawson his maiden S1 win.  Jordan Gilbertson entered the fray, having come all the way from a grid 20 start to beat Vaughan and Ross Gunn over the line.  Constantly changing positions, the same drivers vied for the second final win, one moment in front, the next hung out to dry round the aptly named Spoon curve.  This time it was Ferrucci who judged his last attack perfectly, taking his maiden win and becoming the first American short circuit winner on British soil since Bobby Allen at Shenington in 1961.  Blanketed by half a second, Rawson, Gilbertson, Vaughan, Harvey and Gunn flashed over behind him, whilst Jupp and Aston made it to 7th and 8th with Alfie Brown in seventh.  Fuel samples were taken from all drivers to be sent for analysis to see if the correct CIK homologated oils were being used, and the results remain provisional.

Comer Cadet Results (results provisional pending fuel & oil tests)

Final 1: 1 Philip Rawson (Zip); 2 Tom Harvey (Zip); 3 Santino Ferrucci (Zip); 4 Jordan Gilbertson (BRM); 5 Max Vaughan (Zip); 6 Ross Gunn (Zip).

Final 2

1 Ferrucci; 2 Rawson; 3Gilbertson; 4 Vaughan; 5 Harvey; 6 Gunn.

Cadet Championship Standings after Round 10 (Provisional)

1 Tom Harvey 476

2 Max Vaughan 430

3 Lando Norris 417

4 Ross Gunn 406

5 Connor Jupp 386

6 Jordan Gilbertson 386


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