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StingrayRV MSA British Kart Championship – Rounds 7 & 8 19 – 20 June

An imperious Mark Litchfield was very much in control of the StingrayRV MSA British Kart Championship Rounds 7 and 8 at the twisty Rowrah circuit.   The PF International team driver was fastest in timed qualifying, winner of both heats and both finals, no-one could live with him.  After his disastrous Irish round, Jordan Chamberlain was the nearest challenger in Final 1, slicing through the second place dice between Jonathan Walker and Tom Grice, but still over three seconds distant to Litchfield.  Grice came out on top of his battle with Walker, with James Godbehere and Elliot Burton closing. 

Final 2 was a repeat for Litchfield, as he pulled clear after a couple of laps to maintain the gap at some four seconds.  From third on the grid, Grice was initially clear in second but soon had company in the shape of Walker and Chamberlain before suffering a detached exhaust and having to pit under the mechanical flag.  As the twenty-two lap race wound down, the action for second hotted up, Walker and Chamberlain swapping places all the way to the last corner when Walker put a killer move in to take the runner up spot.  Chamberlain was less than a tenth behind.  Burton, Godbehere and Denis Gorman had their own fight over fourth, three seconds in arrears.

Results Final 1

1 Mark Litchfield Alonso/Maxter
2 Jordan Chamberlain Tonykart/TM

3 Tom Grice Maranello/Maxter
4 Jonathan Walker Alonso/TM

5 James Godbehere Maranello/Maxter

6 Elliot Burton Tonykart/Maxter

Final 2

1 Litchfield

2 Walker

3 Chamberlain

4 Burton

5 Godbehere

6 Denis Gorman Maranello/Maxter

Championship Points (Provisional)

1 Mark Litchfield 398

2 Jonathan Walker 365

3 Elliot Burton 351

4 Tom Grice 351

5 James Godbehere 338

6 Raymie Eastwood 327


StingrayRV MSA Junior British Championship – Rounds 7 & 8 19 – 20 June

Jake Dalton and Jake Dennis shared the honours in the StingrayRV MSA Junior British Kart championship at the Lakeland circuit of Rowrah.  Earlier, Britain’s nominated entry to the new Under 18 CIK World Championship Academy class, Roy Johnson, had topped timed qualifying from Dennis and Dalton.  Dennis pipped him in the first heat, but Johnson was on top for the second.  Dalton and Dennis scrapped hard in the first final, after Dalton had reeled Dennis in, with the lead changing several times in the last few laps.  In the end, Dalton just got the result from Dennis with Johnson and Ben Barnicoat only a few tenths behind.  “The race was very hard and I had to push really hard to catch Jake Dennis.  Once I caught him up we worked to break away from the pack behind. Then I waited until two laps to go and made my move into the first hairpin. After that I defended the last lap and won the race,” said an exultant Dalton. 

After a red flag due to a massive pile up on the opening lap of the second final, all the karts were returned to the paddock for repairs and the race restarted later.  A poor start meant that Dennis dropped well off the leading pair, Dalton and Johnson.  But Dennis regrouped, and with five minutes of the twenty one lap race remaining, took the lead with laps in hand and pulled out a small gap to the flag.  With second place, Dalton’s points haul brought him up to third in the standings, whilst Johnson and Ben Barnicoat folling.  Dylon Phibbs charged up from his grid eleven start to challenge Charlie Eastwood’s fifth place.

Results Final 1

1 Jake Dalton Tonykart/TM

2 Jake Dennis Topkart/IAME

3 Roy Johnson Tonykart/TM

4 Ben Barnicoat Tonykart/TM
5 Charlie Eastwood Birel/VKR
6 Edward Jones Zanardi/TM
5 Matthew Graham Tonykart/TM

Final 2

1 Dennis

2 Dalton

3 Johnson
4 Barnicoat

5 Eastwood
6 Dylon Phibbs Tonykart/TM

Championship Points (Provisional)

1 Jake Dennis 384

2 Ben Barnicoat 360

3 Jake Dalton 343

4 Roy Johnson 343

5  Charlie Eastwood 341

6 Sennan Fielding 305


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