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Super One MSA Series Round 5 & 6: Nutts Corner 29/30th May 2010

StingrayRV MSA British Kart Championship – Super KF
Tom Grice and Mark Litchfield shared the honours at the Northern Irish circuit but it was Denis Gorman who starred in Saturday’s wet conditions to top timed qualifying and finish third in the first heat.  Grice’s two heat wins earned him pole for the first final on a now dry Sunday and he led the first part of the race until Litchfield found a chink, Jordan Chamberlain following him through after climbing from his grid seven start.  Chamberlain, along with Jonathan Walker, had failed to complete a lap in the second heat with high tyre wear a big issue for all the teams, conservation being a priority.  When Chamberlain hit the front a few laps later, Litchfield tried to tough it out round the corner but fell three places letting Grice into second, and momentarily going behind Walker.  But Chamberlain was found to be under the weight limit, and was excluded putting him last on the grid for the second final, with everyone moving up the order.  In the second final, Litchfield hit the front at the start and was never headed, whilst second was swapped from Grice to Walker and then fell to the fast charging local ace Raymie Eastwood.  That latter move put Walker down to fourth in favour of Grice, whilst Chamberlain and Burton failed to finish, the latter due to loss of coolant. 

Results Final 1

1 Tom Grice Maranello/Maxter
2 Mark Litchfield Alonso/Maxter
3 Jonathan Walker Alonso/TM

4 Denis Gorman Maranello/Maxter

5 Raymie Eastwood Birel/TM
6 James Godbehere Maranello/Maxter

Final 2

1 Litchfield

2 Eastwood

3 Grice

4 Walker

5 Gorman

6 Mathew Hogarth Intrepid/Maxter

Championship Points

1 Mark Litchfield 298

2 Jonathan Walker 273

3 Tom Grice 266

4 Elliot Burton 265

5 James Godbehere 252

6 Raymie Eastwood 251

StingrayRV MSA Junior British Championship – KF3

Local knowledge and a great start carried Charlie Eastwood to his maiden victory, repeated in the second final.  Jake Dalton and Jake Dennis had been fastest in the timed qualifying and they would each win a heat, but Dennis failed to finish in one due to a broken reed.  In the first final, Sennan Fielding relieved Ben Barnicoat of second but lost his chain challenging Eastwood for the lead.  He has changed from using a Topkart to an Intrepid.  Harrison Scott had a storming drive up to third but lost out in the last lap dash, falling to seventh.  Dennis had clawed his way back up the order, snatching second in the dying stages of the race and Dylon Phibbs finished tenth but was excluded for being underweight.  As Eastwood set off on his lights to flag victory in the second final, Dennis was having problems after a chassis adjustment proved slower, gradually falling down the order to eighth.  The unfortunate Jacob Stilp lost a wheel and slid into retirement.  Although he was only a couple of tenths in arrears at the flag, Barnicoat failed to mount a challenge, whilst Matthew Graham nursed third for many laps, only fading towards the end to fifth whilst Fielding failed to finish again with more mechanical woes.  Scott had fallen back slightly at the start, but worked his way back to third, whilst Edward Jones, who had failed to finish the first final, passed all but the top three karts for a brilliant fourth place.  He had the benefit of one new tyre after his first final incident. 

Results Final 1

1 Charlie Eastwood Birel/VKR
2 Jake Dennis Topkart/IAME

3 Ben Barnicoat Tonykart/TM
4 Jake Dalton Tonykart/TM
5 Matthew Graham Tonykart/TM

6 Roy Johnson Tonykart/TM

Final 2

1 Eastwood
2 Barnicoat
3 Harrison Scott Tonykart/TM
4 Edward Jones Zanardi/TM

5 Graham

6 Johnson

Championship Points

1 Jake Dennis 286

2 Ben Barnicoat 272

3 Charlie Eastwood 255

4 Roy Johnson 251

5 Jake Dalton 245

6 Sennan Fielding 237

StingrayRV ABkC National Championship for KF2

After having a sprocket carrier break in timed qualifying – topped by Steven Napier, Jacob Nortoft was put on the back foot, not helped when he was squeezed out at the start of the first final and fell to last.  Alex Walker took up the lead, only to succumb to his damaged kart, gifting the position to Napier.  But when Albone challenged for the lead, Napier fell to last whilst Callum Bowyer remained second.  Meanwhile Nortoft had stormed through to close on the lead battle, and with a third of the race left to run took up his customary front running position to maintain an unbroken winning record.  Soon after Bowyer pulled off.  Oscar King had been following Nortoft through, successfully challenging Albone for second whilst Jordan King and Jake Lloyd also displaced Albone on the last lap.  In the second final Jordan King overshot the first corner whilst Oscar King had a spectacular excursion through the kitty litter, both impeding Nortoft and allowing Ollie Morris-Jones to sneak into the lead with Napier on his tail.  Nortoft only took half a dozen laps to re-assume his place at the front, but Walker, aided by fresher tyres from his earlier DNF, was barrelling up the order to take Morris-Jones, and then Nortoft for the win. 

Results Final 1

1 Jacob Nortoft Alonso//Vortex

2 Oscar King Tonykart/Maxter

3 Jordan King RK/TM

4 Jake Lloyd Tonykart/TM

5 Billy Albone RK/tba

6 Ollie Morris-Jones Alonso/Vortex

Final 2

1 Alex Walker Tonykart/TM

2 Nortoft

3 Morris-Jones

4 Albone

5 Steven Napier Tonykart/TM

6 Callum Bowyer

Championship Points

1 Jacob Nortoft 298

2 Steven Napier 267

3 Callum Bowyer 262

4 Alex Walker 255

5 Oscar King 254

6 Jake Lloyd 251

StingrayRV ABkC National Championship for Comer Cadet

Connor Jupp leapt into the lead of the first final, tracked by Tom Harvey who had wasted little time in springing up from his grid eleven start.  Dean McDonald had a momentarily but tenuous hold on third before being shuffled back, eventually placing ninth.  Ross Gunn had held the unfortunate outside front row position, dropping to eighth at the start, then climbing up to third before being out manoeuvred to finish fifth in the scrapping pack.  Amongst the many place changes Philip Rawson earned an exclusion penalty, he had been as high as third, and further back in the pack Luke Barker suffered the same fate.  After an up and down ride, Max Vaughan established third ahead of the US driver Santino Ferrucci, whilst Harvey made a move stick for the win with three or four laps in hand.  Harvey traded the lead with Jupp again in the second final, until Vaughan came up to displace first Harvey then Jupp.  The latter move saw Jupp plunge to sixth, from whence he battled back to third and when Harvey re-took the lead it was Vaughan’s turn to fall back to fifth.  Lando Norris had been staying out of trouble to reach second, followed through by Jamie Caroline who ran third until shuffled back to seventh at the end. 

Results Final 1

1 Tom Harvey Zip

2 Connor Jupp Zip

3 Max Vaughan Tonykart

4 Santino Ferrucci Zip

5 Ross Gunn Zip

6 Callum Ilott Wright

Final 2

1 Harvey

2 Lando Norris Tonykart

3 Jupp

4 Jordan Gilbertson BRM

5 Vaughan

6 Gunn

Championship Points

1 Tom Harvey 284

2 Max Vaughan 276

3 Lando Norris 264

4 Ross Gunn 233

5 Connor Jupp 227

6 Nathan Aston 225


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